Saturday, May 12, 2012

Meet Ninja Extraordinaire Sweetie Honey

Sweetie Honey is a handsome teenaged African-American ninja. His weapons of choice include the sword, throwing star, and his bare hands, and feet. He enjoys moonless nights and killing bodyguards who wear white suits and stand around outside glass mansions carrying Uzis.

Using age-old ninja techniques, his father, who's also a ninja, trained Sweetie in the use of various fighting styles and weapons when he was still in the womb. After being born, Sweetie attended TNA, The Ninja Academy, and went to work at TNA, The Ninja Agency. (There's a lot of TNA, when you're a ninja.)

When he transfers to Scare City High, Sweetie hopes his male model good looks and his mastery of various weapons and fighting styles will help him fit in. Then he meets Guy Boy Man, and the two of them become fast friends.

When he meets Baby Doll15, Guy Boy Man's girlfriend, and tells her she's the most beautiful girl ever, things get a little weird. (Things were pretty weird before that, to be honest.)

Find out more about Sweetie Honey and his pursuit of Baby Doll15 in NINJA VERSUS PIRATE FEATURING ZOMBIES!

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