Tuesday, February 15, 2011

"A Strong Collection": Objects of Worship

Objects of Worship got a mini review at Handee Books. They said, "Lalumiere's name is one I'll watch for."

Read it here.

More info about Objects of Worship here.

Major Karnage Nominated for CBC Bookies

Show your love for your favourite Major by voting for Gord Zajac's Major Karnage in the CBC Bookies!

Major Karnage has been nominated for Best Character.

Voting ends on Feb 20th, so it's not too late to show your support!

Glowing Review of Eutopia!

"Nickle sets off the tale with a quietly cautious undertone of unseen terror, gradually grinding in an almost overwhelming feeling of clinging tension to the hidden core of the story. As the plot slowly peels away its layers, with the characterisation of our two principal protagonists already masterfully established, the haunting visions of this dark secret begin to emerge with the staggering impact of a charging leviathan."

Read the rest of the review here.

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Free eBook Giveaway of Monstrous Affections and Objects of Worship for Valentine’s Day

Because we love our fans so much, in honour of Valentine's Day we're giving away free eBooks of Monstrous Affections and Objects of Worship. All you have to do is tell the world how much you love us on Facebook or Twitter.

But you have to act today.

On Facebook

If you post “I have monstrous affection for ChiZine Publications” as your status, we’ll give you the eBook version of David Nickle's Monstrous Affections for free! Prefer Claude Lalumière's Objects of Worship? Use “ChiZine Publications is my object of worship.” But--and this is important--you have to tag us in your status. (If you don’t know what tagging is, see below.)


For Twitter lovers, we’ll give away the eBook of Objects of Worship as a free download for a limited time if we see 100 tweets of “@ChiZinePub is my object of worship” today. And if there’s 100 tweets of “I have monstrous affection for @ChiZinePub,” we’ll do the same for Monstrous Affections.


When does this giveaway end?

You have until midnight, Toronto time (EST; UTC/GMT -5 hours)

How do I get a free eBook via Facebook?

In the coming days, we’ll send a Facebook message to everyone who posts “I have monstrous affection for ChiZine Publications” or “ChiZine Publications is my object of worship,” (provided you tagged us, which is how we’ll find you). If you don’t hear from us by February 21, send us a message through Facebook.

What’s Tagging on Facebook?

When entering your status, type @ and then start typing “ChiZine Publications”. If we’re friends (and I hope we are after all we’ve been through together) you’ll see our name show up below your post. Select it and keep typing. Facebook has a more descriptive article at http://blog.facebook.com/blog.php?post=109765592130.

How will you give away the free eBook for Twitter?

We’ll post a link on Twitter.

Do retweets count in the 100 tweets?

Heck, yes. We want people to love us! So go ahead and add a “Pls RT” to your tweet if you want.

Can I tweet or post both messages to get both books?

Yup. Show us twice the love, you get twice the free stuff.

Any more questions?

Leave them in the comments.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine's Day

Because we love you all so very much, we're planning something special for Valentine's Day. Visit us here on the blog first thing Monday morning to see what we have planned.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Blue Sunshine: Readings

Claude Lalumière and Gemma Files will be appearing at Blue Sunshine for an evening of Strange Canadian Fiction.

It's happening March 30th, 2011, in Montreal, and it's free! More information here.

Monstrous Affections Review

Jessica Strider at SciFi Fan Letter reviews Monstrous Affections! Includes a video of David Nickle reading "The Mayor Will Make A Brief Statement and Then Take Questions."

Read it here.

See more info about the book here

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

CBC Bookies: Vote!

The CBC Bookie nominees are up, and CZP has two books shortlisted for prizes.

A Book of Tongues, by Gemma Files is shortlisted in the Best Science Fiction or Fantasy Novel category. You can vote for this category and others here.

Chimerascope, by Douglas Smith is shortlisted in the Best Short Story Collection category. You can vote for this category and others here.

Voting ends Feb 13th and 15th respectively!

Friday, February 4, 2011

"In Awe": Review of Chimerascope

"I recommend Chimerascope to fans of the fantastic. Smith’s original takes on familiar genres will give you much to enjoy and much to consider and, if one story does not appeal to you, several others will."

Read the rest of the review.

Buy a copy here!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Katja from the Punk Band Wins a Fireball Award

“So she walks in, trying to look cool, trying to look like nothing has happened, like nothing has gone wrong, but it’s difficult because she still feels the ghost of the revolver’s handle pressed against her palm and the scent of gunpowder in her nostrils.”
-first line from Katja from the Punk Band

Katja from the Punk Band was among the three chosen winners for Spinetingler Magazine's Fireball award, given to books with awesome first lines. Read about it.

Gemma Files Wins Black Quill Award

TORONTO, Ontario (February 1, 2011) – For her weird-west horror novel A Book of Tongues with ChiZine Publications, Gemma Files has won the Best Small Press Chill Award for Dark Scribe Magazine’s Fourth Annual Black Quill Awards.

“It’s always so great to wake up to good news,” remarks CZP co-publisher Sandra Kasturi upon finding out about the award. “It was a thrill to be nominated and humbling to win. Gemma’s book was up against tough competition, and we’re glad both the editors and fans recognized it for the same reasons we published it. Seeing our books so fiercely supported by everyone who voted is worth just as much as the honour of the award. We’d be nothing without the readers.”

Nominations for the Black Quills are editorial-based, with both the editors and active contributing writers submitting nominations in each of the seven categories. Winners were chosen via an open online ballot on Dark Scribe’s website. Two winners were announced in each category – Reader’s Choice and Editor’s Choice. Files’ novel took both the Reader’s and Editor’s honour in her category, which is an uncommon honour with the Black Quills.

In previous years, David Nickle’s Monstrous Affections (CZP) won Reader’s Choice for Best Dark Genre Fiction Collection, and Paul Tremblay’s “The Blog at the End of the World” (ChiZine #38/Virtual) was nominated for Best Dark Scribble. The aforementioned story appears in Tremblay’s short story collection In the Mean Time, which was also nominated for a 2010 Black Quill Award.

But that was not the end of today’s award news for CZP—the preliminary ballot for the Horror Writers Association’s Bram Stoker Awards was also posted today. Not surprisingly, Files’ A Book of Tongues has been longlisted for Superior Achievement in a First Novel. In addition to this, CZP author Nicholas Kaufmann’s novella Chasing the Dragon has been longlisted in the Superior Achievement in Long Fiction category. The same novella is also currently being considered for the 2010 Thriller Award for Best Short Story.

Brett Alexander Savory, Publisher
ChiZine Publications

About ChiZine Publications
ChiZine Publications (CZP) is an independent publisher of weird, subtle, surreal and disturbing dark fiction. It is the book-length, print version outgrowth of ChiZine, an online professional market in operation since 1997 focused on the same type of story material. All of CZP’s publications are hand-picked by co-Publishers and Bram Stoker Award-winners Brett Alexander Savory and Sandra Kasturi.

Napier's Bones: "Unlike Anything I Can Think Of."

"While NAPIER’S BONES is a blend of sci-fi and fantasy, there are enough scientific and religious undertones to make it a true original. Readers will have no problem accepting Murphy’s tight prose, which not only keeps the story flowing at a quick pace, but makes these magic mathematical abilities seem (at times) frighteningly real."

Read the rest of the review here.

Preorder your copy here!

Interview with Sandra: Books on Radio

Books on Radio does an awesome interview with Sandra Kasturi, co-publisher of CZP! She talks about Canadian SpecFic, genre publishing, and trends in the publishing industry.

You know you want to read it!