Thursday, March 31, 2011

Amazing review for Nexus: Ascension!

Wow! Glowing praise comes to us from Adam Shaftoe, who writes: "As a study in human emotion and a first rate space opera, Robert Boyczuk’s Nexus: Ascension is so unique that it defies easy comparison. ... Short of the sheer physical exhaustion that comes with reading late into the night, it was almost impossible to find a reason to put this book down."

Read the full review here!

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

CZP in Rue Morgue!

Rue Morgue has shone the spotlight on ChiZine in their latest issue, on newsstands April 1.

"Not only are each of these books eclectic and intelligent - many garnering good reviews everywhere from Publishers' Weekly to the pages of this magazine - but each of their covers, by gallery artist Erik Mohr, are practically frameworthy." - Monica S. Keubler

The article also includes a brief interview with Sandra Kasturi. So exciting!

Derryl Murphy on The Big Idea

Derryl Murphy is featured in the latest edition of John Scalzi's The Big Idea column, talking about his inspirations for Napier's Bones.
"But there is obviously something to be said for standing in a place and discovering it in a multitude of dimensions, to say nothing of the happy accidents that can worm their way into your brain. A wrong turn I took on one hike to see a potential location ended up playing a fairly significant role late in the book, all because I discovered something that I suspect most visitors don’t even know is there."

Read the article here!

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Monday, March 28, 2011

New print review of In the Mean Time

"These finely crafted, often oblique stories exhibit formidable analytical intelligence. . . . A dystopic, dyspeptic spirit hangs over these stories, almost all of which struck me as curiously of a different time than our own, like gloomy, doom-ridden relics of the Cold War."
Locus Magazine

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Every Shallow Cut gets another rave review!

Al Leverone has reviewed ESC, calling it "a noir masterpiece...a red and raw wound that will punch you in the head and keep smacking you until you look straight into the eyes of your own fears and insecurities."

Read his glowing review!

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Another Door to Lost Pages Review!

Publisher's Weekly calls Claude Lalumière's The Door to Lost Pages a "cerebral, erotic, and hypnotically compelling tale of bibliophilic wonder."

Read the review!

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Yet another great Every Shallow Cut review!

T.T. Zuma at HorrorWorld has this to say: "Normally, when people get cut, blood spills from their wounds. When Tom Piccirilli gets cut, sentences pour out. I recommend picking up Every Shallow Cut and getting some of his blood in your hands."

Read the full review here!

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Nick Cato reviews Every Shallow Cut

"Piccirilli has once again created a strong, troubled character who we can't take our eyes off; we don't know if he's going to snap or let things go on as always... And as with any good story (regardless of length), we're left wanting more."

Read the review!

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McNally Robinson - An Interview with Derryl Murphy

CG: Napier's Bones has one of the most unique and interesting systems of magic I've encountered. What drew you to the idea of mathematics as magic?

DM: Many authors talk about making sure your magic has a system. Frankly, what could be more systematic than mathematics? When my friend Wayne Malkin first showed me a picture of Napier's Bones from a book about a collection of artifacts at a museum in the UK and spoke the magic words - magic words that I shouldn't share, because they are a part of the central conceit and surprise of the book - I knew that math and magic were going to intertwine in the world I was creating, and my goodness did it ever open up a wide vista.

Read the full interview here.

Check out Napier's Bones.

And if you're in the Saskatoon area, come to the Napier's Bones book launch on April 4!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Publishers' Weekly mini-review of Eutopia

Publishers' Weekly says EUTOPIA "blends Little House on the Prairie with distillates of Rosemary's Baby and The X-Files to create a chilling survival-of-the-fittest story."

Read the review!

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Every Shallow Cut review on HorrorNews

"T-Pic the mighty has come back around with a quick shot to the solar plexus in the form of this new novella, but if you think you know what to expect from this extremely prolific man then you might want to read on." - Anton Cancre for

The full interview is available here.

More information about ESC here.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Bookgasm interviews Philip Nutman!

Joshua Jabcuga of Bookgasm has interviewed Philip Nutman, author of CITIES OF NIGHT. Nutman discusses the collection, the span of his career, mentoring younger writers, and how Malcolm McDowell influenced his creative process.

The full interview is right here!

Great review of The Door to Lost Pages in Quill & Quire!

Quill & Quire Magazine has come out with one of the first reviews of Claude Lalumière's The Door to Lost Pages, and it's a good one!

"The Door to Lost Pages is a weird, entrancing book, informed by a unique vision."
—Alex Good

Full review is available in the current print issue of Quill & Quire.

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NYRSF likes Objects of Worship, Napier's Bones

New York Review of Science Fiction calls Claude Lalumière's OBJECTS OF WORSHIP "potent, memorable stuff. His living dead and dead alive are quite full of soul."
They also call Derryl Murphy's NAPIER'S BONES "a clever lark full of free-wheeling adventure and odd intellectual borrowings; a sort of winking DaVinci Code for the math set bracketed in magic and uncertainty."

NYRSF is print-only, so no link here unfortunately.

Check out Objects of Worship!
And Napier's Bones!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sarah Court reviewed by The Nervous Breakdown!

Richard Thomas has this to say about Sarah Court:

"Craig Davidson has pulled off quite a feat with Sarah Court. He has told us a fascinating tale of interlinking stories, constantly showing us that life is always shades of gray, never just black and white. He has reminded us of the resiliency of the human spirit, and the generosity inherit within, even when we are riddled with defeats and beaten down, our failures often of our own doing, the consequences heavy and eternal. And he has given us laughter along the way, to keep us from weeping at the tragedies on the page."

Read the full review!

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In the Mean Time reviewed by The Nervous Breakdown!

"Paul Tremblay has put together an original, haunting, and timeless collection, the echoes of which still reverberate between my heart and my head, unwilling to let me go."
- Richard Thomas, The Nervous Breakdown

Read the full review here!

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Monday, March 14, 2011

A Book of Tongues at Green Man Review

The Green Man Review praises A Book of Tongues, saying it "takes the traditional supernatural western, sizes it up, and then calmly shoots it in the back of the head."

Read the review here.

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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Shout-Out to Every Shallow Cut from Barnes & Noble

Jedidiah Ayers over at Barnes & Noble Book Club mentioned Every Shallow Cut among the new novels "making me tingly with anticipation, gratitude and appreciation for storytellers getting down to the business of telling a story quick-like".

Check out the article here!

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Starred review of Every Shallow Cut in PW!

"Lovers of gritty noir will devour this stand-alone from Piccirilli (Shadow Season), a pulse-pounding account of a writer's descent into despair and violence. . . . Piccirilli makes his fall from grace utterly convincing and his emotional rage all too understandable."

Read 'er here!

You know you want your very own copy of ESC!

Important Announcement!

CZP titles will no longer be sold through the Horror Mall, as they have ceased to sell any ebooks but their own.

However, our titles will now be available through Wizard's Tower Press, a UK-based ebook seller!

Another Interview with Tom Piccirilli!

A very intelligent interview at Il Posto Nero with Tom Piccirilli!

[AM] You are a very versatile and prolific author, have written several novels, short stories and poems, working between different genres: horror, crime-story and mystery. Evidently you are not afraid of losing your recognition, an essential factor for an author. What are the characteristics of your narrative that we can found in your works of different genre? How would you describe your style?

[TP] No matter what form or genre I'm working in, the end product is usually a combination of very dark, atmospheric fiction underscored by some offbeat sardonic humor. Laughs along the way make the darker aspects really come out, and vice versa. And my themes transfer from one genre and format to another: secrets of the past, seeking redemption, fear of failure, middle-age disappointments, dysfunctional family life. For whatever reason it all seems to have a great meaning for me, and so I continue to dip back into the well.

Read the rest of the interview here.

Purchase your copy of Every Shallow Cut today!

Top-Notch Novel: Eutopia

A nice web review from Nick Cato:

"While EUTOPIA doesn't hit the reader over the head despite everything going on, its slow-building tension works well with several pay-offs as the end approaches, and the many subplots never slow the story down--but enhance it. A top-notch novel all around."

Read the rest of the review here.

Pre-order your copy here.

Interview with Tom Piccirilli

Tom Piccirilli was interviewed over at Hell Notes.

Harrison: What is it about noir that appeals to you?

Piccirilli: It’s essentially real. It deals in grounded emotion and honesty. It focuses on people who are pushed to the breaking point or who have some common understandable flaw that leads them to their own doom, sometimes willingly. It’s sly and hits with great, disturbing impact.

Read the rest of the interview here.

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Cuts to the Bone: Every Shallow Cut Review

Bev Vincent has this to say about Every Shallow Cut:

"Some of the protagonist’s cuts aren’t shallow—they’re cuts to the very bone. By the end of this work, readers will probably be short of breath because of the driving pace and the brutality Piccirilli heaps upon his anti-hero, and which his anti-hero heaps upon everyone else. It’s a slow motion train wreck, and you can’t—don’t want to—look away."

Read the rest of the review here.

Get your own copy.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Napier's Bones Shout Out

A mini shout-out to CZP and Napier's Bones in McNally's newsletter, which has a really neat flash online version.

View it here!

Monday, March 7, 2011

In the Mean Time Review

A decent review of In the Mean Time at Locus Magazine!

"These finely crafted, often oblique stories exhibit formidable analytical intelligence . . ."
—Paul Witcover, Locus Magazine

Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Book of Tongues Giveaway!

The Ranting Dragon is hosting a giveaway for A Book of Tongues by Gemma Files! Participants must complete the Locus Challenge.

It's open until March 9th, so hurry and enter today!