Saturday, June 23, 2012

Guy Boy Man's Conservative Plan to End American Unemployment

An excerpt from Guy Boy Man's website
"Speaking as a trillionaire, I know I create all kinds of jobs by hoarding vast sums of wealth. (I assume I do, anyway.) And I'm sure we, the rich, will get around to creating all kinds of really great jobs for the unemployed that will make everybody super happy but, if I can speak for the rich, and since I'm richer than the rich, I can, let me just say, we don't like to be rushed. We do things at our own pace. (We're always pretty busy adjusting our ascots, pocket squares, and monocles.) And it's pretty much impossible to create jobs when everybody is watching us. (We hate it when you're watching us.) Also, in truth, we might never get around to creating any jobs. If you give us tax cuts, we might just roll around naked in all that extra money. (We really like doing that.)"
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Thursday, June 21, 2012

January Magazine reviews Rasputin's Bastards

January Magazine wrote a review for Rasputin's Bastards, saying: "[Rasputin's Bastards is] ...stiffly compelling. Once you’re done, there’s no question: the hours spent enfolded in Nickle’s imagination are well spent. You won’t ever feel the desire to ask for them back."

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Publisher's Weekly reviews A Tree of Bones

Publisher's Weekly reviewed A Tree of Bones, saying:
"With her assemblage of strong female characters balancing the flamboyantly gay Chess and his former lovers, Files turns in a bravura performance, bringing a complex conflict among gods, monsters, hexes, and ordinary humans to a satisfying resolution."
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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Guy Boy Man's Conservative Position on Child Labor

An excerpt from Guy Boy Man's website
"Recently politicians have been discussing the possibility of changing our archaic labor laws to allow children the freedom to work for punishingly long hours with hardly any pay, since their parents are unable, or unwilling, to do so, in order to compete with other Third World countries. I feel these politicians don't go far enough..."
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Friday, June 15, 2012

SF Site Reviews Ninja Versus Pirate Featuring Zombies

SF Site revied Ninja Versus Pirate Featuring Zombies, saying:
"Ninja Versus Pirate Featuring Zombies is a comedy in a different way, more erratically than most as though it is straight from a deranged teenage mind...This is one of those novels that is nice and original and good enough to read almost anywhere. There is an energy it has, as though the reader has a feel for the unusual and strange."
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Fantasy Matters Reviews Door to Lost Pages

Fantasy Matters reviewed Door to Lost Pages, saying:
"The Door to Lost Pages is an intriguing collection of intertwined stories that combine philosophy, nightmares, and a few postmodern narrative tricks.  It's a collection of stories perfect for anyone who loves bookstores, and books, and the excitement--and danger--that lie within."
You can find Door to Lost Pages here!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

AE SciFi Reviews Napier's Bones

AE SciFi reviewed Napier's Bones, saying: "The Aurora-nominated novel Napier’s Bones mixes magical chocolate with numerical peanut butter to create a tasty blend of fantasy and science fiction... It’s a simple twist on an old formula and it creates a world that’s a lot of fun to explore. The story incorporates enough fantasy staples that it’s easy to settle in for the ride, but it avoids riding those rails to a predictable ending."

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You can find Napier's Bones here!

McNally Robinson interviews Gemma Files

McNally Robinson conducted an interview with Gemma Files. Read it here.

Check her newest book, A Tree of Bones.

Starburst reviews Westlake Soul

Starburst reviewed Westlake Soul, saying: "Rio Youers is as close to a unique voice as you’re likely to find in today’s world of emerging new talent. The term poetic prose springs to mind. In the hands of another author, Westlake Soul might have floundered. It is ambitious, thought-provoking, and by the protagonist’s very nature a difficult story to write. Youers possesses a skill that, despite the adult themes presented, never makes it a chore. There’s a light-hearted approach in the writing style, a kind of cool touch that makes Westlake Soul a powerful and engrossing read. As brilliant as it is sad."

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Monday, June 11, 2012

Interview with David Nickle

Q: ChiZine I must admit is a new publisher to me they look fantastic though, so what is ChiZine like to work with? 

A: They’re a powerhouse. Brett Savory and Sandra Kasturi built the publishing house up from literally nothing, taking their ChiZine website into the tumultuous world of book publishing when most publishers were planning their exit strategies. They’re a work-hard, play-hard publisher. Sandra has been my editor for three books now, and unless she’s sick of it will be the editor for the fourth one, due in November. It really does feel like working with family; the two of them run a brood of brilliant interns and volunteers from their house in north-western Toronto, and both of them have been friends of mine for literally decades.

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David Nickle's new book, Rasputin's Bastards, is now available for pre-order! 

ESC is a "subtle masterpiece"

Thomas Pluck calls Every Shallow Cut "a subtle masterpiece that lays open the story of the man who’s lost everything and goes looking for answers." He gives the book five out of five stars.

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January reviews Ison of the Isles

"Like the best of the genre, you spend some time orienting yourself in a world so complete, it's easy to get lost. ...If you’re ready to be fully carried away, Ison of the Isles is a good choice. Ives Gilman builds her world with a muscular poise that is so graceful and authoritative, it seems easy in its confidence." - Sienna Powers, January magazine

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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Guy Boy Man's Plan to End America's Reliance on Foreign Oil

An excerpt from Guy Boy Man's website
I’m currently employing a team of scientists to find a way to turn the “excess goodness” of obese people into an alternative fuel. It’s my dream that someday every portly person will have an unobtrusive, little, plastic, access port in their belly. (The “portly” slash “port” wordplay will be used in the marketing.)
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