Saturday, June 23, 2012

Guy Boy Man's Conservative Plan to End American Unemployment

An excerpt from Guy Boy Man's website
"Speaking as a trillionaire, I know I create all kinds of jobs by hoarding vast sums of wealth. (I assume I do, anyway.) And I'm sure we, the rich, will get around to creating all kinds of really great jobs for the unemployed that will make everybody super happy but, if I can speak for the rich, and since I'm richer than the rich, I can, let me just say, we don't like to be rushed. We do things at our own pace. (We're always pretty busy adjusting our ascots, pocket squares, and monocles.) And it's pretty much impossible to create jobs when everybody is watching us. (We hate it when you're watching us.) Also, in truth, we might never get around to creating any jobs. If you give us tax cuts, we might just roll around naked in all that extra money. (We really like doing that.)"
Click here for the full text, but only if you think you're ready for Guy Boy Man's powerful truth!

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