Monday, May 14, 2012

Mike Carey guest spots!

Mike Carey has two guest articles up promoting The Steel Seraglio that you should check out.

On RedEye Chicago he talks about the three-wishes story structure:

"There are literally hundreds of variations on this story in the folk literatures of the world: it's often given a sexual dimension, but not always. It can be tragedy, cosmic meditation, horror or farce (farce definitely predominates), and it can be told with masses of circumstantial detail or kept plain and simple. But at its heart, it's a deeply conservative kind of story. The moral is: be grateful for what you've got now, and don't mess with it. Any change is likely to be for the worse, and if it's for the better, you'll probably screw it up anyway because you're an idiot."

And on The Mary Sue, Mike discusses female heroes in pop culture: 

"We prefer our heroines, just like our heroes, to be real people, not cardboard cut-outs – which, in the end, means that their gender isn’t going to be their determining trait.  It’s part of their identity, sure.  How could it not be?  But it doesn’t define them, any more than a score of other things define them.  It’s in the mix, that’s all, and it shouldn’t make a difference to how the reader responds to them."

Click here to learn more about The Steel Seraglio.

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