Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Meet Baby Doll15

Baby Doll15 is just a regular fifteen-year-old girl with big breasts, pale blue lips, child-bearing hips, baby-powder-white skin, cotton-candy-pink hair, and a unicorn that follows her everywhere.

She's drawn to Guy Boy Man because he's such a bad boy. She's willing to suspend her disbelief in the bizarre way he views the world, and skip the Zombie Acceptance Test, to be with him, but she wants a commitment from him first. Little does she know that Guy made a deal with a centaur which prevents him from telling a girl he loves her; if he does, he'll lose his multitrillion dollar fortune.

Baby Doll15 doesn't believe in zombies the way Guy Boy Man does, which, you'd think, would put her in a great deal of danger because of, you know, all the zombies, but supernatural creatures hide the existence of zombies from young people, and protect them, until after the Zombie Acceptance Test, at which point young people either become zombies or zombie food.

Besides, Baby Doll15 has her unicorn to protect her. It also protects her from roving gangs of vegetarians who attack people eating hotdogs. It protects her from pretty much everything really. It's a pretty vicious unicorn, if you want to know the truth.

Find out how Baby Doll15 and Guy Boy Man fell in love in NINJA VERSUS PIRATE FEATURING ZOMBIES.

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