Thursday, May 5, 2011

Laura Marshall Remembers WHC2011

CZP's Marketing Manager Laura Marshall has this to say about World Horror Con 2011:
As with many of the other posts I find it hard to describe my World Horror experience.  I've never been to a horror convention before, but they are the nicest people out there.  Being a marketing guru and not a writer myself it was great how nice and welcoming people were.  I met a lot of great folks and had a fantastic time hanging out with the ChiZine crew and the British contingent (including Chris Roberts although he's American).  I'm sure after the experience I had this year I'll be going again next year!

Some of my favourite memories from the weekend:
  • Working the CZP table in the dealers’ room.  I always love trying to convince people to buy our books!
  • The look on Ian Rogers face when he was told about his book deal (and the plotting behind the big reveal)
  • Coming up with the rules and gestures for Margarita, Lion, Man
  • Plotting world domination with Nick Kaufmann
  • Running into everyone again at the Austin's like the convention never ended!

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  1. The American! I like the sound of that! George Clooney's got nothing on me! Okay, he's got a couple things on me. Fine! He's got TONS of things on me. Jesus! I get it! Grin! Thanks for the mention, oh redder half of the Sisters Chizine! Lovely meeting you & the rest of the CZP-ers! HA! That looks like C-ZIPPERS! Cheeky!