Monday, May 7, 2012

A slew of Steel Seraglio praise!

SFRevu writes: "The Steel Seraglio is a masterful, engaging and utterly fascinating story by three wonderful writers. One can only hope they will collaborate again, as this project has proven how well they work together. The reader is really the winner here." 

The King of Elfland's Second Cousin gave the book 4/5 stars, saying: "The Steel Seraglio is a wonderful, resonant book and I would love to see more such novels from its authors, illustrator, and publisher."

And Slant magazine raves: "With remarkable elegance, the Careys have enriched meta-fictional allegory into furious pop entertainment—full of sex, passion, violence, and magic. The Steel Seraglio is razor-sharp, cutting straight through the bullshit of bigotry to tell a fun, resonant story."

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