Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sequential Tart interviews Gemma Files

What kind of feedback have you had from gay male readers about your m/m work? Has this affected your approach to gay characters or scenes?

GF: Actually, thus far, it's been incredibly pleasant and supportive. I've gotten kudos for being "realistic", which is always nice (maybe it's all that talk about lube during the first Chess / Morrow scene). Being pretty firmly het and cisgendered female in real life, I do worry about appropriation and fetishization, obviously, so I try to do my research, and not to let my own particular kinks run away with me. I also put in the time trying to make my characters as three-dimensional as I can, because to be frank, one of those kinks is the push-pull of interaction between complicated, demanding, potentially violent and/or morally conflicted people.

Read this and more in Sequential Tart's in-depth interview with Gemma Files, author of the Hexslinger trilogy.

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And learn more about the Hexslinger books, A Book of Tongues and A Rope of Thorns.

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