Sunday, December 11, 2011

Interview with Carolyn Ives Gilman

Carolyn Ives Gilman, author of Isles of the Forsaken and its upcoming sequel Ison of the Isles, spoke with Fantasy & Science Fiction magazine about her recent novella, "The Ice Owl".

"This is also a story about the moment when you first realize that life is a series of deliberate choices for which you are going to be responsible. ... I am frustrated by how many stories indulge in the wish-fulfillment fantasy of a life that is guided by outside forces. Think of all the stories where the protagonist is fated to become king, or to save the world, or is thrust into a situation where there is only one right course of action. It’s all about the author’s longing for a return to an infantile existence. But life is not like that. We aren’t just acted upon by events; we have to create our own futures through our own decisions, for better or worse."

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