Friday, December 30, 2011

Fangoria reviews Enter, Night

"Rowe's years as a matter-of-fact genre journo and social commentator have served him well here, as there's not an ounce of flab in Enter, Night. It buzzes with the energy of pure, brisk storytelling, which is not to say it's a base or dumbed-down affair. In fact its finely detailed character detours (including a richly told vignette about the various cycles of abuse that is stunning drama in and of itself) are concise and profound, poetic but never pretentious. Like every great writer toiling within terror, Rowe pays attention to people first, making sure we care about them, known them inside and out and understand their pasts and motivations. The horror of Enter, Night may be familiar and far from groundbreaking (think Stephen King's 'Salem's Lot with a dash of Steve Niles' 30 Days of Night) , but Rowe is a master teller of tales, and his strength lies in the practical beauty of his words. Hugely recommended." - Fangoria

This review can be found in the current print issue of Fangoria, on newsstands now.

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