Sunday, July 3, 2011

ChiZine Roundup at Pulp 300!

Pulp 300 has done a set of four reviews in a row for ChiZine books, all of them highly favourable and earning three "guns" out of three.

On The Door to Lost Pages: " We dig these surreal interlinked stories and will certainly put Lalumiere’s first collection, Objects of Worship, on our TBR pile."

On Sarah Court: " Dear gussie, Davidson can write a good sentence. ...this is our favorite read of the year so far."

On Every Shallow Cut: "He’s on our esteemed 'Put Whatever Tripe You’re Reading Immediately Down and Pick This Up' list. ...Piccirilli is cooler than a New Guinea penis sheath."

And on The Thief of Broken Toys: "...the novella is the ideal literary length. Maybe we’ll wax eloquently at a future date as to why. For now let us simply bask in the glow of Lebbon’s latest."

You can see all of the reviews here.

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