Friday, May 6, 2011

ChiZine cracks the bestseller list at Horror Mall

Two of our soon-to-be-released books have shown up in the top ten preorder bestsellers at Horror Mall. Tone Milazzo's PICKING UP THE GHOST checks in at number 6, with ISLES OF THE FORSAKEN by Carolyn Ives Gilman at number 8. Impressive! These results are for the limited edition copies, so act fast if you want to own these deluxe editions!
Both limited editions are signed by the authors and feature extra content not found in the standard edition. Picking Up the Ghost features five flash fiction prequels to the novel, plus two deleted scenes; while Isles of the Forsaken gives you an exclusive map and a preview of its upcoming sequel. Only 150 of each limited edition will be sold!

Order Isles of the Forsaken here!
Order Picking Up the Ghost here!

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