Tuesday, April 26, 2011

ESC Review & Interview with Tom Piccirilli

Horror blog The Tomb of Dark Delights calls EVERY SHALLOW CUT "Tom Piccirilli writing at his grittiest, darkest best. Bleakness and anguish seethe on every page this heart-stopping story crafted in hues of utter desolation."

The site also has an insightful interview with Piccirilli up.
TK: Your work seems to make a particularly good fit with noir. Why?
TP: Maybe because I tend to write with some sense of sardonic humor. It tends to color most of the gut-wrenching stuff without lightening it at all. We all know that life is a tragi-comedy. One facet seems to underscore the other. The funnier something is, the more of a set-up it is for when the bottom drops out. And when you crash and burn, that's the perfect time to make a joke. In your darkest hour you cry until you laugh and laugh until you cry. "

Read the review here!
And the interview here!

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