Monday, April 4, 2011

Challenge the Odds with the Napier’s Legacy Contest

To honour the death of John Napier on April 4, 1617 and the release of Derryl Murphy‘s Napier’s Bones, we’ve launched the Napier’s Legacy Contest. Enter for a chance to win Napier's Bones in limited edition hardcover, trade paperback or eBook.

An expert in mathematics and the occult, John Napier created a device that allowed multiplication and division to be simplified to addition and subtraction. It is from this device, Napier's Bones, that Derryl Murphy found the title for his novel. Napier also invented logarithms and popularized the use of the decimal place in addition to having an interest in alchemy.

To Win an Author-Signed Hardcover

Submit a fictional invention or concept by John Napier. What does the historical record not tell us about him? This can be an essay, a drawing, historical record, a tale told by one of his assistants or whatever you come up with. Be creative.

To Win a Trade Paperback

Send us a short story where numbers play some role in the plot.

To Win an eBook

Create a joke that involves numbers.

Deadline is May 4, 2011.

Find full details, including how to submit your entries, on our site.

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