Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Another Interview with Tom Piccirilli!

A very intelligent interview at Il Posto Nero with Tom Piccirilli!

[AM] You are a very versatile and prolific author, have written several novels, short stories and poems, working between different genres: horror, crime-story and mystery. Evidently you are not afraid of losing your recognition, an essential factor for an author. What are the characteristics of your narrative that we can found in your works of different genre? How would you describe your style?

[TP] No matter what form or genre I'm working in, the end product is usually a combination of very dark, atmospheric fiction underscored by some offbeat sardonic humor. Laughs along the way make the darker aspects really come out, and vice versa. And my themes transfer from one genre and format to another: secrets of the past, seeking redemption, fear of failure, middle-age disappointments, dysfunctional family life. For whatever reason it all seems to have a great meaning for me, and so I continue to dip back into the well.

Read the rest of the interview here.

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