Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Polaris Convention 2010

Some photos from our display at Polaris in Toronto, 2010!

All of the ChiZine books. We had to set up and take down the display every day, so they weren't always in the same order.

Close-up number one!

Close up number two!

Sam holds up a Monstrous Affections T-shirt, signed by the author David Nickle. It's so big you could sleep in it. If you like the idea of sleeping with the Sloan Man, that is...

Clare is selling books. Just look at her go!

Sam did portraits at our table. What are you drawing, Sam?

Major Karnage! Fancy that. Well, actually, Sam does fancy Major Karnage very much. Too bad he's a psychopath.

Major Karnage's sanity patch says, "Sanity level: Red Tricycle!" That means his head is going to explode. Uh oh.

Darth Vader also made an appearance, but he didn't buy anything. Boo.

All of the ChiZine books, put to bed in their WebCom boxes and off to sleep in Brett and Sandra's car. Someday you'll have cozy bookshelves to rest in!

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