Monday, July 12, 2010

The Choir Boats: Free Ebook

Hey folks,

We're almost halfway through July, and you know what that means? Only half a month left to get your free ebook!

The Choir Boats is available through WOWIO.

Each month WOWIO chooses one title to be the “Book of the Month”.
This program enables publishers and authors to get their titles into the
hands of thousands of readers that may not have come across their
books otherwise. With approximately 300,000 new titles published
annually in the US alone, obscurity is the biggest challenge authors
and publishers face. WOWIO's goal is to help publishers stand
out by selling their titles on our site, offering them for free to our
readers via our sponsorship program where publishers get paid for
every free download, and promoting them virally through various
media channels.

Kristin Ellison, editorial director of WOWIO explains, “The Choir Boats
was a wonderful fit for the program because it’s an outstanding
work that is appropriate for all audiences. Additionally, having the
opportunity to shine a spotlight on a small press that takes such care
in every aspect of their publishing program is the right thing to do.
In today’s challenging market, we have to help ensure wonderful
companies like CZP can continue to produce great and unique work.”

"Working with Wowio has been an amazing experience from day
one," says Brett Alexander Savory, publisher at CZP. "They've been nothing but supportive of our efforts to get our books exposed to a new audience. Getting The Choir Boats in front of more eyes, in particular, is wonderful because it's our first fantasy novel for a YA audience and we just know that people who appreciate
sophisticated fantasy will love it!"

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