Wednesday, June 23, 2010

CZP News and Reviews Round-up!

Here's the newest round-up of reviews and interviews!

Book of Tongues:

The Horror Fiction Review says:

"Wizards of the wild wild weird West! Blood-hungry Meso-American goddesses! Spells, curses, outlaws, gunfights! And lots of raunchy cowboy-on-cowboy action!" Read the rest of the review.


In Tamaranth's Creative Reading:

"A Book of Tongues does a masterful job of showing Rook's transformation from morally-upstanding preacher to outlaw and magician..." Read the rest of the review here.

And let's not forget...

From Innsmouth Free Press:

"It coils, sedates and is addictive as opium fumes. It’s much an enchantment as it is a snare, which snaps around the reader and drowns him in the book’s stark vividness. .." Read the rest of the review here.


From Strange Horizons:

"Throughout Smith shows a real gift for truly "cinematic" description...with arrestingly inventive premises in a field where really interesting new ideas are harder and harder to find." Read the rest of the Review here.

Cities of Night:

From The Horror Fiction Review (scroll down the page)

"While a couple of stories here may be for aquired tastes, CITIES OF NIGHT is a solid collection and a fine introduction for those not familiar with the author." Read the review here.

Katja from the Punk Band:

From The Horror Fiction Review:

"What I really enjoyed about KATJA FROM THE PUNK BAND was that I didn’t see the end coming . . ." Read the rest of the review here.

The Tel Aviv Dossier

From Biblioholic Review:

"The book’s strength comes from its unapologetic balance of surrealism and biblical authenticity. While some may get hung up on the weirdly comedic moments juxtaposed by death and revelation, the strangeness is actually magnified by realizing the writing team might be showing us new books of the Bible, but with a dark slap stick touch..." Read the rest of the review here.

And let's not forget an interview at 42SciFi-Fantasy with Lavie Tidhar, and another one at SF Signal.

Thief of Broken Toys:

An interview with author Tim Lebbon, on

"Timeless and haunting in its themes, The Thief of Broken Toys is reminiscent of the dark side of folk literature; at times, it almost seems like a modern-day reverse Faustian tale, in which the central character doesn’t lust after wealth or fame, but rather, seeks only to mitigate the pain that comes from what he has already lost..." Read the rest here.

And from Ginger Nuts of Horror:
"I have never read a book that affected me in such profound ways..." Read the review here.

World More Full of Weeping:

From Chapters/Indigo:

"Chilling and sad, this story will stay with you like the thread of a song at the back of your mind, long after you've gone back to your daily life."

Read the rest of the review here.

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